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Credit risk

Dun & Bradstreet solutions for credit risk management have long ago become an industrial standard. The D&B data gathered and treated using DUNSRight™, the unique quality control system, have already served to making critically important decisions for more than 170 years.

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Compliance control includes, counterparty check linked to sanction lists (country of business registration, company or its principals) and lists of publicly exposed persons (PEPs) in view of bribery acts compliance rules, identification of beneficiary owners.

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Sales and purchases

Business success depends on your familiarity with the market, your ability to find new clients and keep the old ones. D&B will help you to successfully carry out marketing operations worldwide, receiving comprehensive responses to the most important marketing questions: How many potential clients are there on your market? Who are they? What is the risk level of cooperating with this or that partner?

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